Canon announces intention to launch the camera full-frame committed to video 8K

شركة Canon تعلن نيتها إطلاق كاميرا كاملة الإطار تلتقط فيديو 8K

In spite of the appearance of display screens, televisions, strictly 8K, but the fact that justify the lack of content that accurately so far, especially the lack of cameras to capture this precision, or even TV networks use in the broadcast, but maybe this will start to change with the resolution of the Canon the last.

Has announced the Canon of Japanese industry-leading cameras, they will develop camera new you can shoot video clips accurately 8K within the EOS series R, the company said that the camera will be mirrorless within a complete a technique that I started using in full its new.

Considers the Canon of the companies that spearheaded the campaign to change the cameras that enjoy 4K, but it took until last year to me that the quality in the cameras fully, which means that the presence of cameras is strictly 8K will take some time, despite the company’s announcement of its intention to produce a camera that precision.

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