. Canceled: Bakkt postpones the launch of Bitcoin futures

The current state of the cryptocurrency market makes sad the most persistent. Today, the total capitalization drop below $ 150 billion, and the exchange rate of Bitcoin fell to $ 4380. In a red hue painted the entire top CoinMarketCap, and absolute antilinear became the BCH at least 30% of the lost value. The salvation for the market was supposed to be trading Bitcoin futures platform Bakkt. Alas, here the holders are faced with disappointment.

Start trading Bitcoin futures on Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) announced in early August. The largest news network of the stock exchanges of the USA were welcomed warmly. The important role played by the fact that the platform Bakkt developed in partnership with Microsoft, Starbucks and BCG, and famous names does not harm anyone else. In addition, transactions with Bitcoin promised to support real coins, that is, to fully provide bargains.

Because of this, the analysts have seen in the platform is the key to new investors and the growth rate of Bitcoin. Here was planned for 12 December — on this day, ICE had planned to spend the day listing of futures on Bitcoin. Today the company’s representatives told about the postponement of the launch platform. The new date is January 24, according to Cоindesk.

Source: Bitcoinist

The new date for the listing will give users more time to prepare. As reported by the Director General Bakkt Kelly Loffler, the delay contributed to the “extent of interest” to the topic “the volume of work to be done.”

As it often happens when you launch products, new processes, risks and factors that need to be checked and rechecked. This is especially true for cryptocurrencies — a new class of assets to which the use of new resources. In this regard, it makes sense to reconsider the planned time to work with the industry before launching.

As journalists admit, the platform could simply not get the permission of the relevant authorities. The company noted that believe that an important step in building trust in cryptocurrency as an asset class.

The launch of the futures will have to wait. It seems that Bitcoin will remain at the sale price even after Black Friday. Plan to shop? Let us know in cryptodata.

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