Canada: Facebook has violated our rules of privacy

Authority decided to monitor me in Canada that Facebook violated privacy laws by dealing with the data of the user and collect information about 600 thousand Canadian citizen, pledging to seek a court order to force the company social media to change their practices

Said Daniel Theron Daniel Therrien, the privacy commissioner of Canada: “the refusal of Facebook to act responsibly is very worrying, given the sheer amount of sensitive personal information entrusted to it by users of this company”.

“It was under the privacy of your Network is empty, and its terms vague, and very flexible, so much so that it wasn’t meaningful privacy protection”.

In spite of the recognition of Facebook of a breach of the great trust in the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica, however, they opposed the results of the Canadian investigation, explained Daniel Theron that the company had refused to undergo a voluntary audit in their privacy policies and practices over the next five years.

The Office of the privacy commissioner in Canada has opened an investigation into the privacy practices on Facebook following the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica Cambridge Analytica last spring.

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Used about 300 thousand of Facebook users around the world apply the “This is Your Digital Life”, which collected data for the political consulting firm of Cambridge Analytica.

Led to the misuse of standards of data privacy to disclose data belonging to about 87 million people, of whom about 600 thousand Canadian dollars, in accordance with the statement of the journalist.

According to the report, Facebook did not get explicit consent from users to share their data with third-party applications, and the company will provide the appropriate control for applications – access to the Home, engaged in irresponsible behavior in relation to the data consumer.

The regulator added that Facebook rejected a request by the authorities to undergo scrutiny, despite their compliance audit data American.

The organizers, depending on the reasons described in the report, refer the results of the investigation to the Federal Court of Canada for an order requires Facebook to change privacy practices and the introduction of accreditation findings, explaining that to get a court order may take up to a year.

Said Daniel Theron: “the stark contrast between the promises of Facebook to the public the reform of the ways in privacy and their refusal to address the serious problems that we have identified – or even acknowledge that they broke the law – a matter of serious concern”.

The report also provides proposals to improve current privacy, such as allowing regulators to impose fines or conduct audits to ensure the compliance of companies like Facebook to the law, explained the commissioner of privacy in Canada: “can not let the organizations to reject the legal consequences of my office as mere opinions”.

A spokesman for Facebook: “after several months of cooperation in good faith negotiations lengthy, We are disappointed that the Office of the privacy commissioner of Canada OPC is considered the issues raised in this report, without a solution, despite our work with OPC to provide concrete measures can we take to address their recommendations”.

He added that there is no evidence on the participation data of Canadians with Cambridge Analytica, and that Facebook conducted a radical improvements on the system to protect the personal information of people.

It should be noted that regulatory authorities of Canada do not enjoy the power to impose fines as regulators in the United States and the European Union, but it can get a court order to force an entity to follow its recommendations.

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