Can the virus-ransomware inflate the price of Bitcoin?

Studies show that in 2019 the number of incidents of ransomware. The majority of cyber criminals as ransom typically require cryptocurrency and most of all — namely bitcoins. But if one were to think about how the growing number of cryptocurrency-related cybercrime could spur the price of Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin, and a ransomware

The USA Federal authorities, state institutions, schools, hospitals and businesses are increasingly becoming victims of ransomware. The report focused on the cybersecurity company Malwarebytes in the first half of 2019, the growth in the number of crimes amounted to 363 percent compared to the same period last year.

Usually, hackers use malicious software to encrypt files on the victim's computer. Then to decrypt files, you need to pay a small ransom, and, increasingly, the ransom is required in bitcoin.

As stated in a more detailed study of the company Emisoft, only for the first quarter of this year, the amount of foreclosure increased by 89 percent and now stands at 12762 dollar. However, according to the same survey, 98 percent of the incidents, the ransom was paid in the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

That’s interesting, because now there are much more anonymous cryptocurrency compared to Bitcoin. As an example, you can take a Monero and Dash, but they account for only 2 percent of redemptions. There is an opinion that the amount paid ransoms may subsequently trigger the growth of prices BTC.

British author Chris Stokel-Walker has made an interesting suggestion in the article on Medium. According to his version, massive attack WannaCry in 2017, which has infected more than 300 thousand computers around the world, at that moment really had an impact on the price of Bitcoin. Press Secretary Emisoft Brett callow added that there are great suspicions about the connection between loud incidents with the extortionists and the price of BTC.

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This year, several viruses, ransomware attackers brought quite a large sum. One of them was Ryuk. According to antivirus companies TrendMicro, he focused on logistics and technology companies, and small municipalities.

However, according to, Professor of cybersecurity, Alan Woodward, although viruses, ransomware, and may account for part of the pricing of Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in its essence and so highly volatile.

Bitcoin does much dynamic range, and its price in the aggregate is influenced by many factors. One of these factors, incidentally, can be pre-buying the bitcoins of large companies. So corny they can prepare for potential break-ins. Therefore, it can be assumed that the more high profile hacks, the more companies will start to buy bitcoins. This can be a catalyst for the growth of Bitcoin prices, not the hacking as such.

The output is an interesting version of experts: the exchange rate of Bitcoin can increase companies who are afraid of being infected with malicious software. They buy coins and before the break — in and are ready to buy off the attack. This raises the question to future hackers. If they will sell the received bitcoins after receiving the ransom, whether the effect is opposite and proportional to the results of the efforts of companies?

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