Can the Olympics 2020 to be dangerous due to the Ebola virus in Japan?

In the summer 2020 Olympic games in Japan, which will be attended by approximately 205 countries. Thousands of fans and sport lovers will arrive in the land of the rising sun to take in the atmosphere of this event. But with the Japanese people on the ground can get deadly pathogens that are a greater threat to residents and visitors. According to the latest data, Japan imported the virus Ebola and four deadly pathogen for conducting diagnostic tests in order to reduce the risk of potential disease outbreaks.

The largest outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever occurred
in 2015 and took about 8,300 lives

The Ebola virus is already in Japan

In September, Japan imported 5 most dangerous types of virus in preparation for a possible outbreak during the Summer Olympic games in 2020. The Ministry of Health of Japan claims that scientists will use the samples of Marburg virus, Lassa virus, and viruses causing hemorrhagic fever in South America and the Crimea.

Japanese national Institute of infectious diseases was made viruses related to the 4th level of Biosafety, BSL-4, which is a rating that determines the most dangerous viruses. At the moment, the Institute is the only place in the country that can provide such a high level of biosecurity.

Laboratory BSL-4, which contains the most dangerous viruses on the planet, boasts the highest level of security

Scientists will use live samples for check tests in order to assess whether the media is one of the virus infectious to others. Using the test, scientists will be able to find out whether the patient generates antibodies that can neutralize the virus.

In this regard, Japanese residents are gravely concerned about the new “neighbors”. Because until now, Japanese scientists had to carry out research in laboratories abroad, precisely because of the disagreement of the residents living near the lab, which corresponds to a high level of security.

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The increased threat of bioterrorism

Many scientists are of the opinion that the professional actions of scientists will help to significantly reduce the risk of the devastating consequences that occur following outbreaks of dangerous diseases.

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The other part of scientists believes that global distribution of BSL-4 laboratories are able to increase the risk of bioterror attacks. Storage of dangerous viruses, even under protected laboratory, increases the risk of accidental or deliberate release of viruses and subsequently the spread of disease. One of the key specialists in molecular biology and Biosafety in new Jersey believes that Japan may become one of several governments that hoard “lethal agents” to prevent bietak from the identically-equipped States.

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