Can the mind affect the body?

Many of you are familiar with the concept of placebo, which is often used in medicine for the discovery of a positive effect in the treatment of diseases and do not have any special and miraculous possibilities. The faith of the patient in the efficacy of the drug somehow leads to improved health of the sick, what makes us think about relationships within our body, physical and spiritual. So why “medicinepacifier” really help? Let’s try to understand together in this article.

The placebo effect is based on the belief of the patient in a miraculous tools that can help the patient in the treatment of even serious diseases

What is the placebo effect?

Placebo — a substance, usually without any special properties that is used in research to study the influence of the mind on the human body. It is believed that a patient who sincerely believe in the miraculous properties of “the pill”, somehow can improve their condition even in the absence of other, more effective means. The placebo effect is often applied to the early XX century, when doctors used a “miracle pill” to alleviate my patients. Currently, the researchers argue that this surprising effect is based on the suggestion, which does not require any special skills due to the high degree of trust the patient’s doctor. In addition, in science there is also the nocebo effect, in which the patient believes in the negative effects of the drug, which in turn causes the patient further deterioration.

Interesting fact: In the U.S. produced vehicle Obecalp aimed at the treatment of children from laziness. The tool is considered to be highly effective despite the fact that in their composition they contain only sugar. ”Medicinal” effect of this tool becomes clear, if you read the title of miracle drug is opposite (right to left)

“The cure for laziness” was founded on the basis of the placebo effect

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Psychologists tend to believe that the placebo effect is achieved primarily because of the belief in the miraculous properties of medications, the brain of the patient begins to produce large amounts of the hormone of joy — endorphin. Hormonal surge leads to increase immunity and enhance the body’s defenses that can even lead to full recovery.

Can science explain the placebo effect?

In quantum physics there is the concept of the“observer effect”, the properties of which are still trying to apply the researchers to real life at the macro level. The fact that in conducting the double-slit experiment in which an electron or a photon of light is passed through a barrier with done hole in it, there may be absolutely unexpected result when certain conditions are met. In the case that the slit on the obstacle has only one electron or photon will appear as a point on a given surface, if the slots on the obstacle will be two, then the particle will suddenly form a wave pattern instead of a single point. In that moment, when the researchers establish a special detector of waves in order to see what’s going on, the wave pattern immediately changed, registering the detector as particles. In other words, the presence of an observer of the process completely changes the result of the experiment, which may indicate the influence of the mind on the reality surrounding him.

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In this case, the placebo effect can indeed be associated with the “observer effect”, each of which is a result of action influenced by the presence of a “detector” interested in a certain outcome of the situation. Due to the fact that the placebo phenomenon is still poorly understood, researchers have yet to lift the veil of secrecy may hide unexpected answers to the main questions of our universe.

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