Can the iPhone help the visually impaired to live independently?

Participated Apple last Friday an interesting story about how you enabled the enable accessibility in iPhone, the Warrior veteran and Crane on the insurgent waves of the blind Scott Leason to live independently.

هل يستطيع الآي-فون مساعدة المكفوفين على العيش بشكل مستقل؟

Scott Leason is one of the Warriors of the U.S. Navy former, the palm of his sight in 1993 due to his exposure to a bullet from one of the sauce and this is after seven years of Service. And Leason for rehabilitation, where he was trained on the use of computer and modern technology by the Centre for rehabilitation of special affairs of the veterans with the aim of rehabilitation to work independently. The technology of the laptop is still nascent in those days, but iOS was taking in non-proliferation began to prefer a large segment of users, especially the blind.

After years of trying to adapt to his new condition, I got Leason on your iPhone 5 in 2012, and began to use VoiceOver to the side of the assistance on training by Sarah T. Majidzadeh, assistant chairman of the Department of rehabilitation of the blind in the center of Tibor Rubin VA Medical in Long Beach, California.

The Scott Leason one of the many people who are blind or who have low vision who rely on the advantage of reading the screen VoiceOver built-in iOS system in iPhone to help them in their daily tasks. It is easy to navigate through the phone by that water also told that Leason he also said: “I think that a lot of visually impaired people prefer iPhone because it can do everything you need, and VoiceOver works very well.”

It is known that the VoiceOver is a reader-based gestures has been put on the iPhone in 2009, making it the first user interface for smartphones in the world can blind people of access to any place in the phone with ease according to Apple. It uses about 76% of the people who are blind, visually impaired, platform, screen readers, VoiceOver, in a survey conducted by the website of WebAIM in October 2017.

Said Leason; common in racing windsurfing upgraded to iPhone XR, and use it daily in the review and follow up reports, news, surfing through the application of the Surfline to prepare for the day who will go in which to practice his favorite sport in Mission Beach in San Diego.

Usually wearing a Leason Apple Watch Series 4 to track exercise riding the waves in the water and follow the exercises at home. He says :”I can’t simply figure out the number of calories that I burn it”.

Said Kevin Waldick, assistant director of the Center for the Mission Bay Aquatics Center sports “it’s really amazing, it is after ten years of development between the types of Technology different try Leason rely on, no progress had been made by her but was not skilled at all in using them, but after receiving it on your iPhone, so that I don’t feel any difference between me and him in the use of such technology” this shows that Apple made a great effort to accept that suffering and make it easy and available to such persons.

It was Leason is the first champion of the blind in the championship of the United States of America to ride the waves at the port of Oceanside in the north of the Jetty in June 2016.

In the same year won second place in the competition of the water skiing in the United States of America in Harmony, Northern California. In 2017 participated in four contests and various other.

Do you think that Apple made a lot of the blind with VoiceOver on? And if you use that water, how are you? And what do you want from the Apple TV to that water? Tell us in the comments.


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