Can the Chinese government now to identify citizens based on their way in the


In China, the government of the country based on some high-tech technologies to track people in the country, such as the use of facial recognition systems to identify suspects wanted who are still at large. It seems now that things will be harder for Criminals Most Wanted, began Chinese authorities recently in the use of a new method of control, and recognize the gait.

In a report from the agency AP, it seems that the Chinese authorities relied on a new technique control can occur on what seems to individuals based on gait ( how they walk ). According to Huang Yongzhen, who holds the position of CEO Watrix which oversaw the task of developing the system, the benefit of this system is that it does not require cooperation of the individual, such as a request note and so of other things.

According to Huang Yongzhen, it has stated by saying : ” We don’t need to treat people so that we can recognize their identity. Can’t fool the system gait analysis by simply limp, or walking stride or by a hump back, because we analyze all the features of the entire body “. However, China is not the first or the only one interested in this technique.

As pointed out by news agency AP, it has been research in recognition technology on gait by many countries around the world, although there are some doubts about the possibility of getting to know people simply by the way you walk. As expected, it does not seem that this technology correspond well with the demands of privacy advocates, in particular that there is no way to hide your gait.

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