Can now for the digital assistant Siri to open or lock the car Volkswagen your


Digital assistant, a subsidiary of Apple, and of course, Siri has become able now to unlock and lock the car your Volkswagen using voice commands only. This has become possible thanks to the German company specialized in the automotive industry that allowed the integration of Siri with the application of VW Car-Net. This app lets users lock and unlock their car, and from the scope of the fuel or charging, and even activate the alarm.

Now lock the car simple, all you have to do is say ” Hey Siri, Lock My Car “. You can use Siri also start and stop a session charging the car’s electrical, and locate the car, set the temperature selector, and run the device remove the ice. It is worth noting that VW does not offer the application of VW Car-Net is free to all car owners.

There is a subscription fee required to be paid monthly if someone wanted access to all these features. Additional features offered by the app include the ability to track location, and even access to diagnostics ( Diagnostics ) remote.

Said Abdallah Shanti, head of sales at the Volkswagen Brand & Car-IT, if ” integration with Siri helps our drivers keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel“, adding that the company is constantly looking for innovative ways to make the VW Car-Net service are appropriate and more comfortable for your car.



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