Can blood group affect a person’s character?

If you suddenly find yourself in Japan, and your acquaintance decides to ask you an unusual question: “What is your blood group?”, do not rush to think that you can offer to become a blood donor. In Japan believe that blood can determine a person’s character, as well as its individual characteristics. The majority of Japanese people, taking into account individual characteristics of blood, choose their friends and spouses, and managers-personnel officers make the decision on hiring. In Japan and the United States there are several organizations that help people even take certain decisions, using individual information on the properties of the blood of the client. How justifiable may be the use of information on blood group and does the original way of determining the nature of any practical use?

On the membrane of erythrocytes there are hundreds of antigens and the presence of genetics is solely responsible. To AVO great importance to have only two antigen. It is by the presence or absence of antigens A or b blood group is determined

How did blood groups?

And yet, in what way blood is able to influence the character of a person? In this issue, scientists tend to stick to the officially accepted theory about the evolution of Charles Darwin. It is due to certain evolutionary processes, during which gradually changed the lifestyle of ancient man and climate in which he lived, the blood could be transformed by acquiring new properties and changing their group.

Scientists believe that each blood type emerged as a result of adapting the human body to the many different climatic, geological and social changes that occurred on Earth with the human species for many thousands of years. Thus, the first racial metamorphosis began when the planet was first inhabited by the holders of the group I blood. The division into races, and associated human adaptation to climate change, social environment and nutrition, was part of the driving force of evolution, which subsequently led to the formation of new blood groups.

Anthropologists argue that divide mankind into racial identity would be too limited class, as the most important and informative indicator of the individual characteristics of a person is blood type. Thus, the African and Indo-European with the same blood group can freely exchange blood and have similar immune structure and function of the digestive system.

The Japanese consider the analysis of blood one of the most accurate indicators of personality characteristics of the person

Especially of blood groups

In order to classify characteristics of groups of blood, a Japanese scientist Pocitace Nomi and American doctor Peter D’adamo has created a table-type nature, based on the blood group of a person.

Following this classification, the owners of the 0 (I) blood group are called “Hunters”, based on the lifestyle of ancestors who were engaged in hunting and gathering. So, according to the theory Nomi, the owners of the most extensive and numerous blood group on the planet are representatives of the ancient groups of blood, which appeared 40 000 years ago. Media 0 or the first group of blood are holders of a strong and resistant immune system. They also have a strong and strong-willed character, distinguishing itself with confidence and increased activity.

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The second most common blood type — A (II). Holders of this blood group called “Farmers” because they were the first who were forced to adapt to the new environment due to migration of the population. Blood group A (II) there are approximately 25 000-15 000 years BC At that time people needed to make contact with growing human populations and communities to learn to resolve conflict and cooperate with each other. Currently, owners of this blood group like a manifestation of evolution is expressed in the character. So, they are sociable and easily adapt to new conditions of life without losing their inherent diplomacy and tolerance.

10-20% of today’s population are the owners of the B (III) blood groups, as distant descendants of the group of “Nomads”. This blood type emerged as a result of the connection of the different populations, as well as adaptation to new climatic conditions that occurred more than 10,000 years ago. By the nature of the “nomads” are open and optimistic, as well as adventurers and do not tolerate injustice. Because of individualism it is difficult to find friends.

AB (IV) blood group is owned by only 5 % of people appearing in the result of mixing of Indo-Europeans and Mongoloids approximately 1 000 years ago. In accordance with the classification of Dr. Naomi, people with this blood group have a soft and gentle nature, as well as diverse interests.

Despite the fact that the relationship of a particular blood group human nature has not been formally proven, its possible impact on the acceptance of certain life decisions is still a matter of dispute in scientific and pseudo-scientific circles. What people think about you? Can we consider theory Toshitake Nomi truthful and worthy of further study? Share your opinion in our Telegram chat.

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