Can Bitcoin drop to $ 2500? Analyst opinions


At the moment, the attention of traders and investors is chained to the main cryptocurrency. It seems that Bitcoin was unable to hold a key support level and continues to decline. It is reported Bitcoinist.

The exchange rate of Bitcoin is flying in the abyss

Most analysts do not see any obvious signs that the current price of Bitcoin can be called the bottom. According to the founder of the London Fintech Week, Luis Carranza, the bears still have plenty of places to put pressure on buyers. However, in the long run, Bitcoin can please investors.

The crypt is unpredictable. The course can within minutes to fly or fall. Level $ 4,500 may be bottom, but Bitcoin is nothing to stop it from going to $ 2,500. Overall, with the mass adoption of the digital asset the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency will begin to grow. Even if the price falls to $ 1,000, this does not mean that we will not see another bullrun to $ 14,000.

Carranza interpreterpath negative news as a necessary evil for the growth of the industry. Now cryptosphere slowly moving away from the “stupid money” to large investment funds.

The main challenge in 2018 to enter the correct regulation of the crypts and contribute to the growth of the market. With an increasing turnover of digital assets become a serious game.

Analyst London Academy of Trading Gavin Lady agreed that the regulation of the stock market is the key to the beginning of the next bullrun.

Central banks were quiet during the sharp rise of Bitcoin last year. They diligently studied wallpapery and consulted with regulators. Financiers welcome the optimistic bankers. The gradual regulation of the cryptocurrency will reduce investor concerns about risk.

But on the question of price dynamics of Bitcoin Lady responds uncertainly. He has not yet decided for themselves with the projected level of reversal. In such circumstances, the analyst advises to be very careful not to put all their money on investments.

The volatility of Bitcoin is at its lowest level since last year. However, for this asset, with a sharp increase in the bubble is not a signal for trend change. Cryptocurrency is still evolving, for their widespread acceptance of the need to act correctly. Now the main concern of investors is in sharp loss of value of Bitcoin – its price has fallen almost 20 percent over the past month. I suggest to study risk management and do not gamble with all the money. To put your house on the growth of cryptocurrencies is a very dangerous decision.

Russian colleagues, experts seem to hold the same opinion. Other analysts believe gradual in the beginning of the process of accumulation of cryptocurrency. But the founder Todd Gordon is confident that Bitcoin will recover most of their value by the end of 2018.

According to Coinmarketcap, today the Bitcoin is trading at $ 5900. The cryptocurrency fell by 3.9 percent in recent days. Among altcoins worst feeling EOS – coin has lost nearly 13 percent of the cost for 24 hours. We will remind, last discharge of Bitcoin associated with the actions of the Japanese regulator.

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