Camera Silva trilogy.. amazing specification in the Samsung Galaxy S11

I got Samsung recently patented a new design of smart phones by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), in-depth Galaxy S11 where this displays in detail the design of a new improved one front will use the camera three, which may end up on phone Samsung Galaxy S11 + major in February, there are three sensors on the front will give the Samsung Galaxy S11 + advantage over the competition in the images section of the profile. Regardless of the sensor benchmark, you might need to sensor depth and maybe a camera for wide-angle or sensor to gestures, similar to those found in the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Camera Silva trilogy in the Galaxy S11

مفاجأة هاتف Galaxy S11..سوف يحتوي على كاميرا سيلفي ثلاثية

Alternatively you could include the Samsung sensor the new to improve the face recognition three-dimensional instead of sensor depth and use it to compete with the techniques of Pixel 4’s Face Unlock and Apple ID Face, showing the graphics of the phone also the edges of the ultra-slim in all angles, as the clip of the tripartite the camera itself is smaller, is placed open hole on the left side, you must use the Samsung AMOLED screen, if the Galaxy S11 + Advanced Pack is already preparing selfie camera three, it means that the Galaxy S11 normal will only contains dual cameras, While the Galaxy S11e Basic may meet the end of the image of the character solo.

Expected that the phone becomes officially available on February 18, before the presentation of the MWC 2020, it is expected that Samsung integrate Snapdragon 865 SoC in the phones, and can contain 5 GB in addition to models 4G LTE, likely to run major software on Android 10 with a custom program One UI 2.1, including details Common series S11 more space sensor fingerprint in the screen, the sensor is essential to accurately 108 megapixels zoom 5-fold, and the Deep Fusion, the memory Random Access up to 12 GB, Storage capacity of 1 TB.

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