Camera selfie will move whenever you open a Samsung phone !

In order to enhance their ability to compete in the category of phones available and low, Samsung was forced to lay off some parts of the gear in its phones such as the ambient light sensor.

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The loss of this sensor means that the user would lose the feature of automatic adjustment of the brightness of the phone which we are accustomed to. But according to SamMobile, the Samsung has an alternate solution has arrived in an update to the Galaxy J8, has been seen in some phones the company Economic.

This solution is that the phone will recognize the ambient light to screen brightness automatically capture selfies whenever I unlock the user lock his phone.

The good news is that the user the freedom to refuse this solution that displays in the window of the alert, and these images are not stored on the phone, but deleted forever once the analysis of the phone to illuminate the ocean.

Samsung did not learn the feature officially yet, but if you decide to come by water to mobile phones economic, non-challenged person would -as is the case with the Galaxy J8 – to find the option of automatic adjustment of the screen brightness within the Settings screen.

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