Camera phone Shawty Mi Mex 3 better than camera pixels 3 !

A lot of reviewers given Pixel 3 the title of the best in smart phones, including the famous Marques Brownlee a few days before, so usually the team DxOMark competent cameras and smartphones provide new exciting body.

Complimented DxOMark in its report on the impact of Booker (insulation) in the camera Pixel 3, but preferred the results of a variety of smart phones that come with cameras double in this section, which seems logical as they hate the second camera is usually in the phones to determine the feature Booker.

He also praised the DxOMark evaluation capacity phone Google to monitor the details of the scene and speed of the auto focus J sound, and the ability to reduce the impurities in the filming of the video.

Has been made phone Google 101 points to succeed to the top phones that come with a camera background of mono, but caused by many of the competitors not involved, the likes of Shao water oxygenator 3 and HTC U12 Plus.

Phone DxOMark evaluation
Pixel 3 101
The iPhone XS 105
Note 9 103
Mi Mex 3 103
U-12 plus 103

While many of the revisions to the Pixel 3 at suitable dead 20 Pro and iPhone XS noted 9 which is logical witness the development of hardware and software in these phones, it seems strange to me that the implementation of the review one preference camera Shawty Mex 3 وU12 plus on a camera phone Google.. but there is an explanation for it.

Why are advised to avoid relying on the assessment of DxOMark’s?

It turns out that the DxOMark evaluation does not require the to camera features, where not exposed to the audit of the pixels 3 of the best feature in a camera phone, namely the feature is night mode the new “Night Sight” which is not shown is not suitable currently.

Feature “Night Sight” in the pixels 3 compared with Night Mode in the iPhone XS as stated in the official announcement of the phone, Google

Next to the night mode that illuminates the image Pixel 3 in low light, it has got the Google Pixel 3 on several distinctive and powerful can be positively affected the hotel.

Not for phone Pixel 3 only, where it turns out that the evaluation of camera phones on site is expected to export in the default mode, so does not seem to assess DxOMark just in a lot of cases.

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