Camera OnePlus 7 Pro come with optical zoom up to 3 times

Use the company OnePlus to launch a series of phones OnePlus 7 on the 14th of May next, in new leaks today, has been confirmed to feature optical zoom in a phone for OnePlus 7 Pro even 3 times.


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Stop leaks around the series and plus the next OnePlus 7, where the company offers this year a major version OnePlus 7, with the Pro version of the phone also offer a phone for OnePlus 7 Pro 5G.

It is planned to apply phone OnePlus 7 Pro Settings three for the rear, and in a new report today it was noted that the phone comes with distinctive zoom optical even 3 times, as the report pointed out that the phone also supports digital zoom up to 10 times, and puts the phone OnePlus 7 Pro clear interface cable to the interface that made OnePlus phone OnePlus 6T.

I have recently published also the first samples for the camera phone OnePlus 7 Pro, which explained the efficiency of the feature optical zoom up to 3 times, as explained by the report that the phone does not guarantee sensor time of flight, which supports augmented reality technology, export and portrait.

Supports phone OnePlus 7 Pro also HDR in photography more efficiently than phone OnePlus 6T, the phone also comes with improvements in the feature of night photography Nightscape emulating the style of photography night or in low light possible for Huawei P30.


I know of

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