Camera iPhone the XR is the best camera single-lens

Last Friday published the DxOMark site the results of the analysis of the depth of the rear camera single-lens for your iPhone XR. Where he achieved a points total of 101 points varying on a Pixel 2 of Google to be that the phone is single lens the top ranking in the rankings of the site.

In tested, and found local site DxOMark that the iPhone XR offers images of very similar quality of sound offered by the iPhone XS Max in many of the main features of the image such as compensation, color and detail and noise and disadvantages of the image.

Also made both devices the same overall result for the video, but dual lenses for your iPhone XS Max miss the XR for training and the effect of poker, although the analysis of DxOMark may have noticed that Apple has managed to improve the flash on the iPhone, XR is a single lens and the abundance of it At Reasonable Prices.

Adds a review to your iPhone XR enjoy the exposure of filming very good dynamic range great conditions lighting conditions bright. While maintaining detail in all lighting conditions using the “vibrant colors and delightful in most cases”.

Include a few points covered by the audit, a note of confusion in the lighting conditions of the interior of the optical low, while they were criticizing the video because of the instability in the white balance when shooting in ambient lighting.

The company plans to DxOMark to to the capacity of photography for your iPhone XR resemble to a large extent the possibilities of the iPhone XS that are supposed to make the class the least cost desirable for many enthusiasts Apple devices who are looking to upgrade their smartphones.

Compared phone the Google Pixel 2, which is the best smartphone running a camera Mono has been tested so far, the results are comparable in many other areas. But thanks to the improved results for jamming and especially for works of art, they find that the camera’s unilateral private any-iPhone the XR is the best among smart phones.

For her own evaluation and analysis, says DxOMark, its engineers attend and more than 1500 pictures to choose more than two hours of video in the environments of laboratory controlled and in the normal problems internal and external, and using the camera settings to default.

Did you actually see that the camera iPhone XR unilateralism is the best? Tell us in the comments.



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