Camera iPhone not working what is the solution?

When you buy a smart phone, the bulk of our attention is the camera quality and the number of pixels. If you are an expert the more you will be asked for the amount of Aperture, shutter speed, focus, optical sensors and other technical specifications, integrated with the phone’s camera. Sometimes you may problems are encountered in that the cameras have no effect frustrating if you are an amateur to change what about if you are a professional! We’ll be back in an our months the problems exposed in the camera phone and how to fix them continue with us.

Camera Black

If you run the camera application of your phone or a third-party application and appeared the picture of black try one of these solutions:

◉ First, make sure that there is nothing blocking the camera lens, as things stuck to it like.

◉ Close the camera app through the app switcher, any lock forced to drive up and then try to run it again.

◉ If it doesn’t work, restart the phone.

◉ Do a factory reset or the work of restor new, and then try the camera.

◉ Try to switch between front camera and rear to verify that the screen is black on both or not. If the screen is black on only one camera, so go to the warranty or authorized service centre.

The phone camera is not clear or confused

If you pick up the picture and found that the image blurred or confused or there is no focus on the things in the picture try one of these solutions:

◉ Make sure the camera lens either from fingerprints, dirt or water vapor. I cleaned it with a soft cloth (preferably micro Viper). If the dirt from the inside as water vapor, such as go to the warranty or authorized service centre.

◉ If you have a phone that supports optical stabilization, it can affect metallic accessories or accessories magnet, the operation of the camera. Try removing those accessories. Without it, you can capture a clearer picture.

◉ Make sure you fastness your hands when taking pictures. Or use the holder to install the phone on you while taking pictures.

Camera flash not working

Although the sound be better without the flash, but we might need additional lighting. If not working Flash with you, try one of these solutions:

◉ Run the Scout from the Control Center if it doesn’t work you should contact support.

◉ Make sure you set the flash to the mode you want either on or off or Auto in the camera screen.

◉ Be careful when using Flash for a long time in filming, video or photography in an atmosphere hot. A message will appear stating that the flash is disabled until it cools down the device.

The reflection of the image when you transfer it to another device

This happens very often. Identified with me a lot. After capturing a video or image in landscape mode such as when transferred to the computer I find that it is reflected to vertical position. This often occurs when you use the volume buttons to capture, because it is easier. If this happens to you try the following:

◉ Capture horizontal images using the volume buttons is at the bottom. Because this relates to the sensors of the phone and data that is placed in the EXIF data of the image.

◉ You can edit photos on your phone to make sure the right direction of the image before moving it, or modify it on the computer through an audio program and then the party on the mode that you want.

◉ Can be a third-party application such as the application Camera+ to re-arrange your photos so that the contact always true.

The camera application is not present or it The when operating

If the camera application is not present on your phone’s home screen, or determines the Processor when you try to switch between cameras, it may be because of the camera settings in the restrictions. Go to Settings – General – restrictions and then enter your password, and make sure that the camera is activated in green.

Problems in the camera due to problems in the operating system

If you encounter problems in the camera or any problem in the operating system, it is better to repair the operating system first. By reset the device through Settings – General – reset – reset all settings, or restore the system as a whole through the PC or Mac.

Problems in the camera due to problems in the hardware device

If you don’t find a solution for your phone’s camera in those proposed solutions it is possible to be due to a bug in the camera you first need to go to the warranty and trying to mess with you so don’t lose or even go to centers of maintenance are not supported.

And remember, the advice is golden and is to lead the work of Reese traffic clean the device because it improves the problem is hardware or operating system

Do you experience problems with your camera your phone? And which procedure you have done about it? Tell us in the comments



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