Camera by hidden .. OPPO officially announced its entry into the markets of the region via phones Reno innovative

  • Represent a series Reno embodies the vision for OPPO innovative in the development of smart phones, and the United Arab Emirates the first international market where the company’s new safety
  • Subtract the first two versions namely Reno 10x Zoom وReno
  • The ad also for a project for OPPO MEA 5G Landing new Project in collaboration with my company “contacts” and”Zen”

Days after announcing the launch of the series phones Reno officially at the level of the world, the company announced the OPPO, brand world leader in the field of smart phones, officially launched today evening by asking a series Reno latest smart phones in the Middle East. Stop choosing a company on the Dubai ask a new series of phones high quality at the international level given the strategic importance attached by the company to the Middle East in the framework of the strategic expansion of its global.

Includes series Reno phone two new هماOPPO Reno 10x Zoom وReno . And phones the concept to a whole new in terms of design philosophy and model to communicate and both are equipped with a screen OLED complete with the edges very high, the camera Silva hidden, and components of superior quality. Available phone Reno for pre-order in the UAE starting April 17 Saudi Arabia 18 April and for purchase as of April 22, esports and 25 April in Saudi Arabia. Equipped هاتفOPPO Reno memory random capacity of 6 GB, the memory storage capacity of 256 GB at a price of 1899 AED and 1899 SAR. The هاتفOPPO Reno 10x Zoom is equipped with memory random capacity of 8 GB, the memory storage capacity of 256 GB will be the company about the price of his board facing it in the markets later. Will allow “contacts” to purchase the device via a smart defence with easy installments of up to 24 months.

Coinciding with the launch of the new power of phones, announced the OPPO also about the project “OPPO MEA 5G Landing Project”, in collaboration with my company’s communications lead in the region “contacts” and”Zen”. It is expected that this project contributes in the development of networks of the fifth generation in the region after the first empirical test of the common smartphone with the fifth generation conducted by the OPPO and”connections” early this month. The project “5G Landing Project” Global, which was launched by the company as directly put by OPPO and the world’s leading communications with the aim of providing products and services of the fifth-generation users as soon as possible. To assess the experiences of the fifth generation of the real users, adhere to the OPPO to work with its partners in the telecommunication sector, including telecommunication companies in order to unify efforts to accelerate the development of the fifth-generation networks.

During the conference, commented Andy Xiao, president of the company OPPO in the Middle East and Africa, said: “reflect series Reno the development achieved by the OPPO, and provide a new concept in terms of design and model communication. It’s innovative series of smartphones specially designed for young aspiring who are pursuing their dreams and expressing themselves and taking new directions, as well as for non-traditional, who are interested in design and innovation capability”. He added: “the UAE is an ideal destination for the proliferation of innovative technologies, in collaboration with leading telecommunications companies such as Etisalat and Zain, the users will be able to experience the technology network of the fifth generation as soon as possible”.

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The president noted the OPPO also permit the team gate Arab News Technical during the conference that his company is focused on achieving double-digit growth in the next year, and pay great attention to highlighting its muscles so to speak in the field of competition with other brands, he pointed out that the next big step is to strengthen the company’s understanding of the region and the requirements of the users, and to promote local businesses wait with the related strategy of growth mainly the technique of the fifth generation, in addition to enhance their actual availability in the region.

Khalid al Khouly, Chief Executive Officer, individuals in the “contacts” saying: “play the ’connections‘ played a leading role in the empowerment of the networks of the fifth generation effort to upgrade systems trend of the future, through a focus on innovation and digital transformation in line with the strategy of the ’connections‘ comprehensive and aimed at ’driving the digital future to enable the communities‘. Host: the close coordination with manufacturers of smart phones would enable them to benefit from cutting-edge technologies provided by the network of the fifth generation of users, and this is what prompted us to work with the OPPO in the project “5G Landing Project” to accelerate the process of rolling out the techniques of the fifth generation”.

OPPO Reno and rounded the picture up to 10 times

The launch of series Reno, confirm the OPPO on the philosophy that the camera-potential superior allows users to express themselves through photography, which allows them to record every precious moment in their lives clearly. Features هاتفReno 10x Zoom of the OPPO camera innovative equipped with three lenses with the technology of focal length full, a basic lens accurately to 48 megapixels, and the telephoto 13MP camera, and a broad 8-megapixel.

Work these lenses together to provide full coverage of the dimension of the focal plane with a diameter of 16 mm to 160 mm, which provides the ability to zoom 10 times. And basic lens in هاتفReno 10x Zoom on installed optical (OIS), in addition to the three modes different focus so don’t miss your important moments. And features camera هاتفReno 10x Zoom with wide angle up to 120 degrees; making it easier to capture images at greater distances, including images containing more than one person.

As help phones Reno new to capture night-time pictures stunning professional quality. The Night Mode function 2.0 high-quality users to capture crisp with bright colors at any time. Using Night Mode 2.0 Super quality, equivalent to Reno faces and backgrounds separately and provides the effects of improved skin tone, providing a more realistic picture. Also, the phone supports Reno 10x Zoom Edition record video clips accurately 4K Ultra HD at 60 fps, as it is equipped with optical stabilization and the latest installation techniques of e-health.

You can telephone the Reno front camera and a hidden 16-megapixel, in addition to the main camera accurately 48-megapixel camera, replaced with camera wide camera telephoto camera depth of 5 MP to provide superior quality images that do not fall within the focus area.

OPPO Reno andselfie camera hidden

Think camera hidden front 16-megapixel of the main advantages of the design of the phone Reno. This mechanism will help to show the camera only when needed and have undergone the highest standards of testing quality, and can be used for more than 200 thousand times without breakdowns. Even in the case of the use of the mechanism showing the camera 100 once or over the course of the day, they last for more than five years with user non-professional. Moreover, designed for OPPO mechanism for protection when falling gives the phone the possibility of consulting in real time if the phone is in free fall and hide the camera automatically to protect it from challenge.

OPPO Reno andelegant design with a panoramic screen full

Translates phone Reno this feeling to a concrete fact, is an extension of the trip for OPPO in the world attractive design. Depends the design of the phone on the latest trends without losing sight of racial harmony and beauty of the deceased. The phone is available in green ocean and black ankle boots, featuring models with shiny in the bottom layer of glass-fronted, which provides a soft touch without compromising vibrancy of color.

Equipped phone Reno 10x Zoom screen panoramic measuring 6.6 inches, protected glass Corning Gorilla 6. Visually, the frame provides a very high stunning images stand the screen seem to float outside the structure of the phone. Thickness of edges located on both sides of 1.63 mm, and the thickness of the bottom edge of the 3.5 mm only. Includes full screen with high 93.1% of the phone interface without causing overheating or impact on performance.

OPPO Reno andultra-high performance and high quality components

The هاتفReno 10x Zoom with rapid charging VOOC 3.0 new, which is equipped with a battery large capacity $ 4065 mAh. And fast charging feature low-voltage VOOC 3.0 for charging the phone while playing games without generating excessive heat or impact on performance of the phone.

It has هاتفReno 10x Zoom on the Snapdragon processor 855, with a standard memory LPDDR4x flash memory UFS 2.1, and we’re both on improving the user experience significantly. While هاتفReno on the Snapdragon processor 710 and the battery reported a capacity of 3765 Ma.

OPPO Reno andexperience the most enjoyable to play

When you run the games on the phone Reno, the operating system runs superior with the components of the machine quality to provide a better experience and more enjoyable for users.

Not only the gaming experience in Reno on the strong performance only but also include the Hyper Boost technology developed by OPPO independently and includes three modules: Game Boost system Boost app Boost. Successfully these modules in enhancing the performance while playing in the banner, as well as in speed up operating system and open applications more quickly. Guarantee safety also the world’s first mobile phone receives a certificate of high performance for the games of the TÜV, where the OPPO with the administrations of the test the core technology in the TÜV Rheinland to provide gaming experience for mobile phones comprehensively, passed 55 Stage 31 Test class includes four standards: communication, control, network, and. Featuring tests of the fraudulent use of this concur with the habits of users realism is also working on the evaluation of gaming experience integrated mobile phone.

Moreover, equipped with telephone Reno 10x Zoom innovative techniques include gel thermal, a layer of graphite, and a mechanism for cooling the copper tubes of the liquid, and three-way cooling control the temperature of your smartphone effectively resistant to high temperature.

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