Camera application Nokia supports lens Google and animated images and more

تطبيق كاميرا نوكيا يدعم عدسة قوقل وميزة الصور المتحركة وأكثر

Companies tend to manufacture smart phones to include phones with dedicated camera, but rarely there will be an update to the camera default is to talk about, however company HMD and development of its own which carries the name of the camera of Nokia “Nokia Camera” is an exceptional, where the company announced the launch for a new camera holds the version number of the last resort (90.9.1123.20), has came a range of new capabilities.

Most notably support for Google, in order to spy on things, and you can activate the mode by clicking on the new shortcut located at the top of the camera screen without having to exit the app, as there are another feature borrowed from Google a motion picture “Motion Photos”, the app support now fully in place, where if you run it will show your gallery (or Google image if you use it) some pictures with a few seconds of movement beside her, then for free you can save them as a video or GIF.

In addition to these main advantages, there are some modifications to the user interface, including the design of the circular Updater allows you to switch between different modes easily, finally supposed to works the application Nokia Camera on Nokia phones only, so will not work with any other phone.

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