Calvin Eyre called the growth of Bitcoin dying at the pump. SV will Bitcoin take its place?

Weekend Bitcoin sharply broke through resistance at $ 7,000 and yet firmly holding above this line. The world’s largest cryptocurrency shows growth for the past few weeks, and altcoins are trying to keep up. However, there are projects like Bitcoin SV, which was badly damaged due to the delisting from major exchanges. Even a small increase has not helped coin the controversial hard forks of Bitcoin to regain position in the top ten of coins.

As you know, supporters and project managers Calvin Eyre and Craig Wright from the beginning I think BSV true Bitcoin and oppose BTC. Wright hurried retreat from Twitter after a series of skirmishes with the community, and his associate still holds. Moreover, now he doubted the veracity of the growth in price of Bitcoin.

…it’s more like a dying pump BTC, which the scammers are trying to make more profit… the only way to retreat is Bitcoin SV, despite the fact that the coin suffered due to delisting and manipulation in the market.

Tweet Ayr did not receive the support of the community. One user under the nickname @W281832122 wrote the following.

Holders BSV has already lost 80 percent, and now you are saying that the retreat is necessary to you? Amid rising BTC…

What’s wrong with Bitcoin SV?

We will remind, problems at the SV Bitcoin started because of the altercation, Craig Wright with the influential representatives of the community. He has sued several people for defamation, and even offered a reward for the personal data of the user under the name Hodlonaut. In response, cryptologist rallied and the beginning of active confrontation. As a result, the coin excluded from listing on the Binance and Kraken.

BSV is now worth 58 dollars and occupies 14 place in the ranking of cryptocurrency by market capitalization. At the same time, Bitcoin has grown to $ 7200 in the capitalization of 128 billion dollars. In our cryptodata there are still a lot of other useful information.

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