Called problem that might face any owner of Apple Watch

At the end of last year, the Apple Watch became the most popular smart watch, now the device occupies more than half of the world market, leaving the closest competition far behind. The reliability of the Apple Watch also does not hold, because they have almost no weaknesses. But in some cases to visit the service center and repairing the Apple Watch is still necessary.

Problem which the service centre regular users – dropped from the case display of the Apple Watch. No matter what type of glass installed in hours (conventional Ion-X or sapphire): with this might face any.

Many do not immediately see the display module and not just fell, but gently crashed along the contour of the frame. Specialists of the service center ModMac has presented us with pictures where you can see how it looks.

What to do in this case is to buy a new watch or try to repair?

Few people know, but this issue occurs because of a swollen battery, which literally squeezes the display module. Most often, the first series of the Apple Watch, the module is pressed fully and not damaged. The only thing you can do in this case is to change the battery and “paste” the display back. But on the later models of smart watches (Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3) due to the changed design of the display screen after the swelling of the battery very often not fully squeezed, as shown in the photo.

To avoid such problems, it is necessary to change the battery in a year or a year and a half of use. Replacing the battery of the Apple Watch Series 1 is 2 490 rubles, Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 — 2 990 rubles. You have to understand that after opening hours have lost moisture: nothing wrong with that, unless you fall under a tropical downpour or decide to swim in the pool.

If moisture protection is important to you the moment ModMac you can come with your Apple Watch and swap them for new (or another generation) at a price of 5 000 rubles.


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