Call recording on Android will not be easily future

It seems that Google has already made during the financial period to inform the developers of call recording apps to version Android 9 The rule that bear the name of the Android Pie will not allow the registration of calls, according to a new report from the website Piunika Web yesterday which pointed out that application developers have already started to alert users to this update which will be changed fully in their applications.

Call recording was done in the past using internal API in the system of Android can developers directly to put the feature to make users log calls that they do easily but this was later retracted in the previous version of the operating system that carry the name of the Android Marshmallow.

In spite of the suspension of support to the water as part of a formal in the operating system however a lot of apps have found their way to perform the same tasks but using the other way it wasn’t difficult to implement and requires a lot of time despite the lack of official support from Google.

New updates in the Android Pie suggest that Google is becoming do not see this feature is suitable, perhaps with the growing attention to protection during the last period, so people ageing IX does not support even the ways in which the use of IT applications to achieve the finish that is certainly in the version that is not the work of route no.

Call recording apps are not the first victims to the Android system in the previous period we have seen Google kill other types of applications, including applications that show themselves above the operating system interface to stop the possibility of using a lot of apps that were already famous without the work route. The application of compilation of passwords and applications that use advantages of custom to”access” or “Accessibility” in general has been stopped fully and alert them to the violation of the conditions of employment on the Google Play store, Google will end a lot of applications at once.

Maybe what Google’s support also for the development of these limitations are the laws of call recording which began to emerge which vary from state to state and it is possible to know the company a number of problems that are possible to avoid easily.

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