Call of Duty apply later this year on the platform of my Andorid and iOS

Apply soon months of fighting games and Call of Duty on smartphones, where it announced both Activision وTencent for providing the game to users of smart phones on the App Store iOS and Google Play later this year, to apply in areas that have been previously identified in the beginning.

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Come to the game Call of Duty for smart phones in all of North America, South America, Europe, in the beginning, as they apply to other areas later, after the completion of testing in December before the end of this year.

We have developed the game Call of Duty for smart phones across Tencent, where he is scheduled to be available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple app, as it includes famous actresses of the game of weapons, the maps, which is synonymous in the series Parts of the game Call of Duty franchise, and black Ops to the side of Modern Warfare.

Also scheduled to stop the game more than the style of play, comes from Styles competitive between two players, or between a range of players all over the world, as they appear to the players in stages of the game different classic characters that I knew the skills unique in the game, with the characters open up to players when you skip the difficult stages.


I know of

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