Calculator launches the first Arabic Encyclopedia for documenting programming languages

موسوعة حسوب Hsoub

موسوعة حسوب Hsoub

The company announced the calculator Hsoub, specialized in the development of the draft web to enrich the Arabic content on the internet, officially announced its new project “Encyclopedia calculator“, a project that provides a documentation of the Arabic language various programming including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and SQL and other languages.

Worked exceedingly during the past six months to provide full documentation of the languages of HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and PHP. And the number of pages of the Encyclopedia is now more than 1,000 pages containing more than 300 thousand words, the company plans over the next few months to provide “Encyclopedia calculator” in collaboration with volunteer contributors to fully document the work of other programming languages is important, which include وRuby وKotlin and go python in addition to the components of the software associated with don’t like Bootstrap وjQuery and React and many other components.

Depend “Encyclopedia calculator” for documenting programming languages in Arabic on the pages of “wiki”, which means that shareholders can modify pages and create new pages and update the content and add more examples similar to the Encyclopedia “Wikipedia” but in the special topics document programming languages only. And to specialists wishing to contribute to our “Encyclopedia calculator” to obtain the necessary powers to modify and edit the wiki pages.

Said Abdul-Mahdi of Al-Agha, founder and CEO of calculator, after the launch of the “Encyclopedia calculatorof“: “for the first time on the Arabic Web we have comprehensive reference documents the programming languages JavaScript and HTML and CSS and PHP and SQL,” promised the Aga with further developments coming for the Encyclopedia soon.

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