By the use of Google in the internet speed test

Although the company Google, the giant technology leap to the world as the best search engine in the world and the most used, but for the moment they have scores of advantages which also is no longer just a search engine.

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All internet users care about are always led by the internet speed they have at different times to test how the quality of service provided by the company to the direction where it make sense of satisfaction they had in the case was secret in accordance with what is destined.

You can check your internet connection and watch your speed through a variety of methods and applications and different programs on many platforms. But we are here to give you this test without software and through Google search engine only, all you have to baby the user is typing speed test in the Google search engine then press Enter and it will show results as we will explain to you in details of the subject.

اختبار سرعة الانترنت

By the use of Google in the internet speed test

  • Open the Google page and repeat the speed test in Arabic or in English, speed test.
  • Then we press Enter.
  • Will show the first result in which the test speed is supported by Google.
  • You can move from the speed of the network without leaving the search page by clicking on the button “Run” Run Speed Test ” as in the picture here.
  • Wait a minute where you start the process of checking the speed of the internet and you have to wait until the process control of the speed.

  • After the test is completed will Google shows the average number of speed loading and unloading with the response time and server, as it shows you also to a short text simplified you put the best use to connect to.

  • On average be the size of a test file speed about 40 MB of data, while in the meantime Google can check the internet connection speed up to 700 Mbps, so if you have a connection at speeds of up to gigabit, you may not be able to Google show the correct numbers.
  • So you have to check your internet speed through Google without download programs.

Important note

  • You can test the speed of Google search on a few devices.
  • You can test the speed through some of the apps or software available for free in the case does not appear the test is clear you have.


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