By the numbers, you know the share of sales of the MAC from Apple’s earnings over the past 20 years


20 years ago, specifically in May 1998, Steve Jobs introduced the first device to the iMac, and this is a crucial moment for Apple, as it marked the beginning of a marked shift in the career of the police, especially the police before that was trying to survive without any noticeable growth, as well as the iMac is the first major project of Steve Jobs after his return to Apple in December 1996.

It is interesting that the iMac or Mac in general, it was the biggest success in the late nineties, it has lost its power gradually, especially with the launch of the phones iPhone, and shows the drawing that in the last three fiscal years to the company Apple, represented sales of Mac 11% of the company’s revenue, down from 86% in 2000.

The ratio of sales of the Mac computers of Apple’s revenue

– In 2000 I represented the sales of Mac devices, about 86.2% of the revenue from Apple.

– In 2002 I represented the sales of Mac devices, about 80% of the sales of Apple.

– 2004 .. decreased the value of sales of Mac hardware for the company’s revenue to reach 60% of Apple’s revenue.

-2006, accounted for sales of Mac 40% of Apple’s revenue.

– 2007 .. increased the proportion of sales of Mac devices to represent 42% of Apple’s revenue, despite the launch of iPhone in this year.

2010, decreased the proportion of Mac sales, as has come to represent about 30% of Apple’s revenue.

– 2012 represented the sales of Mac computers about 18% of Apple’s revenue.

– The year 2015.. represented sales of Mac computers use% of Apple’s revenue.

– 2017.. represented sales of Mac devices, about 11.3% of the revenue from Apple.

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