By the numbers, you know the prevalence rate of iOS 12 among the devices the iPhone

Apple announced that 70% of the devices iPhone and iPad, the touch based on iOS 12 as of December 3, 2018, as the company explained that the adoption rate increased by 10% in just five weeks; and as of October 29, been install version 12 of the iOS operating system to 63% on all eligible devices.

According to published Apple’s official blog, 72% of the devices sold in the last four years running iOS 12, the following are a list of the prevalence of operating systems, different Apple as follows:

The prevalence of the Apple system

– IOS version 12: about 70% of all Apple devices.

– IOS version 11: has about 21% of all Apple devices.

– IOS version 10 and older: contains about 9%.



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