By the numbers – how much the world spent on apps and games through the year 2018 is?

The market applications and games on smart phones and tablet devices of the lucrative fields that is attracting developers and investors alike until it became this area the industry generate billions of dollars and retire its own shares year after year, the foundation made a Sensor Tower to research the market to publish its annual report, Financial for the year 2018 of the past to follow the Apple App Store and Google Play, the report contains several interesting stuff!بالأرقام - كم أنفق العالم على التطبيقات والألعاب خلال عام 2018 ؟

بالأرقام - كم أنفق العالم على التطبيقات والألعاب خلال عام 2018 ؟

Spending increasing .. and proceeds more!

According to the report of the Sensor Tower, it has the world spent through 2018 approximately 71.3 million, was the share of the Google Play store of which approximately $ 24.8 million while store the App Store Apple double this figure almost proceeds amounted to $ 46.6 million, the rate of annual increase of 27% and 20% for all stores on installation.

عائدات التطبيقات خلال عام 2018

The proceeds of the applications, through 2018

The enthusiasts games mobile and tablet has lost the volume of their spending through 2018 of approximately $ 54.7 million, of which $ 21.5 million on the Google Play Store and $ 33.2 million on store father’s store, and an annual increase also amounted to 24% and 10% respectively as shown in the graph.

عائدات الألعاب خلال عام 2018

The proceeds of the games through 2018

Why returns shop the App Store is larger than Google Play?!

The number of users of Android than on iOS available on iPhone and iPad. You can work like that users of Android that they estimated 75 million downloads from the Google Play Store in exchange for about 30 billion downloads made by the users of iPhone and iPad Store App Store by 2018.

Not things to be thrown out, but the purchasing power of the consumer and for users of the iPhone and iPad Store App Store than on the Android platform so what explains the gap between the earnings of all the traffickers in spite of the varying number of users.

We must not forget also that the developers of the Android platform depends mostly on ads embedded within apps and games as a model of a profit besides direct purchases, an incision may ignore the report that we presented.

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