By the end of the year Bitcoin will rise to $ 5,000, and then to a million. Expert

Vice-President office of the blockchain and the digital currencies in IBM Jesse Lund expects growth in the value of Bitcoin up to a million dollars. Lund announced this prognosis during the interview with representatives of the platform However, the analyst did not name the date by which a cryptocurrency reaches the selected level.

Satoshi for one cent

Closer to the end of the conversation, Lund asked about what will be the cost of Bitcoin to the beginning of 2019. According to him, cryptocurrency will definitely be rated higher than it is now. A rough guideline is $ 5,000.

I see Bitcoin for a million dollars in the future.

Jesse Lund “loves” this number, as is “Bitcoin will be at parity with 1 cent of the dollar”. The entire network of the cryptocurrency will have liquidity at the level of 20 trillion dollars. The analyst believes that with such a wide range of BTC, once and for all change the key principles of traditional payment systems.

By the end of the year Bitcoin reaches $ 5,000, but after some time, the price of cryptocurrencies will go on an even higher trajectory.

During the interview, Lund has also revealed some details of the cooperation of IBM and team Stellar. It is noteworthy that the management of the company is already considering the prospects of working with other cryptoprocta that “could create a variety of tools for cross-border payments.”

It could be Ripple, Bitcoin, or even some stablon. Maybe soon Central banks will begin to release their projects on the blockchain.

Source: Enginclub

The expert mentioned several key differences between the, what are the staff and the project RippleNet. In other words, IBM does not rely on its own token, and develop a different strategy of development. The rest of the details can be found in our cryptodata.


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