By running the screen of Android phone without using power button

Way traditional are those undertaken by most users when you run and Press Read phone to Android by pressing the power button or play button until you unlock the phone, with the exception of some phones that work screen by clicking on the screen to snap out of it. Operation Press the ON button may be sleepless to the extent of the King has many, and a large percentage of them don’t know alternatives to this default way.

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For this we have prepared for today, let’s talk about three ways through which the user can run the phone’s screen without the need to click on the power button.

We will use more of the way the user can choose them according to what it sees by following the steps of the preferred method as we will here.


Way to run screen Android through the application Gravity screen

  • First, we will analyze this application through the link at the bottom.
  • Out the installation work to run the application and give him the necessary powers through the option Administrator permission.
  • This option is important it to behave the app as an administrator on the machine from where the closing and opening.
  • This app opens the phone when you take it out of the pocket or when you place the phone on the table, even when lifting the device up, open and run the screen, therefore no need to press the power button to turn the screen of Android.

To download the app

Gravity screen

To run screen Android through the application of WaveUp

Application WaveUp one of the applications that support the feature of remote sensing without the need of pressing the buttons of the phone, the user can unlock his phone by this app just by waving hand over the phone until the display is turned immediately sensitive sensor of the phone to burn your hands, and if you move the phone in any place will work the screen too, but the best is waving your hands or put your hands in front of your phone until you unlock the screen.

To take advantage of the services that doesn’t match and Mike are using, upload it to your phone Android, then run the app and press the button to grant permission, the following will app automatically.

Features of the application WaveUp

  • Easy handling with the program.
  • Don’t cause the slowness of the phone.
  • The possibility to stop the application temporarily.
  • App size small.
  • The possibility of modification on the settings of the app through the stop feature includes the other and so on.

To improve the application WaveUp



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