By 2023 Apple will be able to buy Uber only income from the App Store

User cost in the App Store will continue to grow at a rapid pace, experts say, and it becomes clear why Apple started to pay such close attention to services. New data from Sensor Tower suggests that the income of the app store corporations will more than DOUBLE by 2023. And here is something to ponder.

According to analysts, the user cost in the App Store will increase from $ 47 billion in 2018, up to 96 billion dollars in 2023 (this is almost a capitalization of Uber). This is an increase of 104 percent. Meanwhile, Sensor Tower expects that Google Play Store will grow even a little more rapidly with $ 25 billion in 2018 to $ 60 billion in 2023, increasing revenues by 140 percent.

However, in 2023 the share of the App Store will account for 62 percent of all revenue from the sale of apps.

With regard to costs on the application in some regions, experts report that in Africa and Latin America will experience the strongest revenue growth in the period from now until 2023. It is expected that in Africa, it will amount to 296 percent, and by 2023 will reach $ 420 million, and in Latin America, 296 percent to 430 million dollars.

At the same time, the US and China remain the biggest markets for sales of applications and in the lead by a large margin.

By the way, the US can circumvent China in expenditures on the App Store by 2020 — this is due to weak sales of Apple in China, which led to lower revenue forecast. China is also significantly influenced by problems with the licensing of games, which download applications decreased by 4 per cent in the period from 2017 to 2018 (and this is after growing by 8 percent a year earlier!).

Ultimately, the data from Sensor Tower indicate that the constant growth of the number of apps with subscriptions is what ensures the success of the App Store. It is expected that in the next five years, this category will become even greater.

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