Buy a pair of hours.. new inventions Japan

In the time that we see the growing fame of assistant artificial intelligence, on smartphones and through the heavens smartphone, whether from Google or Apple or Amazon or others, it is clear that the Japanese inventors want to take the topic somewhere else, which is to interact with the image appear in front of you and not a voice only.

The artificial intelligence assistant Gatebox which was designed basically to be a limited number of customers who were requesting it just a anime character called Hikari Azuma which appear in front of the user through technology hours. In addition to voice commands that is possible to give it to hikari they are also able to recognize the face of its owner, in addition to being able to send messages and control smart devices around you.

It’s all very normal so far, but it’s not gonna be the same format through lines next. For Hikari stated they had been designed to be “personal” significantly. But to what extent? It seems that to the extent that it is expected to become the “wife” is perfect for its owner. She told police she wanted “to become Hikari Azuma ideal wife to the user through the next updates.”

This product is not a product entirely fanciful, it’s available in Japan and is currently known as the Gatebox at a price of 150 thousand yen no 1339 USD. Certainly what is clear currently is that we’ll see great apps and artificial intelligence in the coming period.

Although this is the first time that traded the house for sale however, its development and the appearance of previous versions of it is due to the 2017 and 2016. This time has been development to become the home of a smaller size which is the size of a sheet of A4 plain in addition to a number of improvements to include the availability of microphones in a greater number to be able to Hikari hear you over long distances from the coast and also the lens for the first time to be able to recognize your face when you are near them.

And you can also hikari of contact including around a number of different ways including Bluetooth and lined, as it is able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi until you get the information you want such as weather conditions to you as soon as you ask her.

The technique of the hologram which operates a number of companies on the application of no technique is able to map the shape of my imagination, actually in front of the viewer without being in the way or being able to touch him. Microsoft is one company that is working on these techniques and applied for the games as soon as possible.

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