Burning battery for iPad cause the evacuation of the store for Apple in Amsterdam


Cleared the shop to buy Apple TV in Amsterdam temporarily after a battery for your iPad and spread the material that may be harmful in the air. Was the staff quick in the containment device after the combustion of the battery, but since combustion can lead to the spread of harmful substances in the air, has been the evacuation of the store.

According to reports, has been the evacuation of the store in Amsterdam and close it temporarily after the explosion of the battery of your iPad at home. The staff quickly secure your iPad and the battery burnt in a container of sand after the explosion. There was no fire or smoke, but the first responders who were comprised of three staff members suffered from breathing problems after the incident.

The work of firefighters later on ventilated space to remove any harmful fumes from the App Store. The shop closed for a period of time to ensure that the face of the staff and visitors for any trouble breathing after you open the doors to the public again.

This is not the first incident of this type occur in the store to Apple. And similar events with card and iPhone in the evacuation of the Apple stores in Switzerland and Spain temporarily earlier this year also. Fortunately, there were no significant injuries in any of the events, but some employees suffered minor burns.



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