Building phones get a major update tomorrow

If I was surprised by a message stopped the game building this morning, Tuesday, it is due to the work of the company Tencent developer on a big update according to the Daily Express British.

This particular update a game built on phones, both Android and iOS, but before the launch of the update, forcing Tencent to perform maintenance on the servers may cause a delay in the resumption of work the game for long hours.

Confirmed Tencent that the new version of the game will be available tomorrow, Wednesday 17 April, and for new came to include a lot of new stuff and fixes to big problems.

As for the nurses, ensuring that the phases of the game new, it developed a zombie again, add to to developed zombies current which requires to stay alive for the night.

Will players to fund new clothes, it will also enable them to customize the sight of weapons and the choice between different forms and colors. Will also put “dedicated” for friends and crew members, clan directly within the app.

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