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After you know the game of building many problems in India’s recent accusations that the game is addictive and has negative impact on the behavior of its players, where they have been banned in some cities, the arrest of 16 students violating this prohibition, the developers of the game in finding a solution to these problems by limiting the number of hours certain can be played daily, with the option to limit to play 6 hours for the first time to some players.

After six hours of play, will the game logged out of player automatically, if logged on again, a warning will appear telling you where the game working after today to play it again.

Recall that the building now contains also a request to verify the action, which asks the players whether the age is greater than 18 years, this does not mean preventing the game to those who are less than 18 years, but add some rules and boundaries different from those who are older than this limit.

And now I know building restrictions limit or control of the work in any form, but we expect to be mad at these changes, many of the players, but it’s still better than blocking the entire game and face the risk of arrest just for the game.

Source: androidauthority

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