Budget AirPods? Wireless headphones Harper HB-508

When Apple released the AirPods, many companies began to try to release the same headphones that would make us forget about wireless headphones from Cupertino. Our editors have already visited several of these “killers”, and can safely say up to this point, the only worthy competitor AirPods was a product called BeatsX. However, these headphones still have a cord (and chip W1, which Apple for third-party license). And here in our hands the headphones, which can be called a budget analogue AirPods.

Model HB-508 from popular Harper’s looks were clearly inspired headphones from Apple. The same familiar form factor, white plastic and chrome elements in lower part. Yes, these headphones are a little more, but the huge will not name them. Charger carrying case included also is (also very similar to those from Apple), and a micro-USB cable to charge it.

Externally, the case looks nice. Plastic pleasant to the touch, and the design is not heavy and will easily fit in a pocket. The case has a micro-USB connector, through which the box is charging. No surprises here: the case is the same as in the case of AirPods can charge the headphones nestled inside. Open the box easily with one finger, while the cover mechanism is plastic and not magnetic.

Control headphones is one button (each), which can be used to put the song on pause, turn on or off the earphones and also make the set last call (two presses in succession). Functions adjust the volume there, but still felt that the manufacturer was trying to equip your product maximum functional for such a form factor.

The pairing process with an iPhone or iPad is, of course, is not as convenient as in the case of the AirPods, but still pretty fast and easy. And to the credit of the headphones Harper should say: they are connected to the sound source simultaneously, and not as others we have visited the exhibits, which had to be matched individually. That is enough to turn on both the headset, open the Bluetooth section on your smartphone and press a device.

Headphones are so well made, it is difficult to resist and call from their price — find model HB-508 be priced from 1 500 to 2 000 roubles depending on shop. For your money model sounds very well: Yes, you will not hear is crystal-clear detail, like the AirPods, but on the other hand, and aggressive bass, peculiar Beats, there is also no. The sound is dense and very rich. Surround sound these headphones do not impress, but there is no obvious bias towards any frequency. In General, all worthy, but for the money — and did fine.

Battery headphones is enough for 2-3 hours, about one hour it will take to fully recharge from a complete case. It turns out that all this design on a full charge is able to give almost 6 hours of music playback.

Also the headphone can be used as a wireless headset. The voice sounds pure, albeit a bit quiet. But no delay when making or receiving a call there is no built-in microphone copes with its task.

Can you recommend headphones Harper to the purchase and call them an alternative to the AirPods? Given the disadvantage the party (the lack of access to chip W1 and system functions in iOS), under the circumstances, was made all that possible. Add to that decent sound, original design and good design and you get a very interesting headphones. But the fact that they are not even in the 3 and 6 times cheaper, is also an important argument.

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