Browser Opera for Android makes it easy for users to turn off ad-blocking feature


In the past, it was possible ad blocking on the browser using add-ons and third party only. But these days companies are starting to realize that these are among the features that are wanted by users, and that’s what make browsers like Opera already come with the features of ad blocking, but disabling these features may be annoying a bit.

Because the options tend to be buried in the settings menu that may not be clear always. However, the good news for users who want to the freedom to activate and deactivate the ad-blocking feature is easily, the company Opera launched a new update for the browser on the Android platform allows users to activate and disable the ad-blocking feature as easily as shown in the picture above.

Why would people turn off ad-blocking feature is? There are some web sites that contain intrusive ads and annoying too, thus helping your add-ons ad-blocking to avoid them, but what if you want to support a website your favorite? Through feature activation and turn off the ad-blocking feature, you can control manually in the web sites that you want to be banned the ads and sites that don’t want to be in it, all without having to deal with the task of establishing your white list.

In addition to providing ease of activation and turn off the ad-blocking feature, this new update for the browser Opera on Android platform also brings with it the ability to convert any video from full screen mode to put the floating window ( Picture In Picture ), which means that you will now watch a video while browsing the web.


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