Browser Microsoft Edge for iOS now supports Siri Shortcuts

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Supposed to help us with our smart phones make our lives more efficient and easier, this is why we are beginning to see how to start almost all businesses in providing ways to automate tasks on its organs and programmes. For example, there is the advantage of Routines in the digital assistant Google Assistant, while I have the digital assistant Siri feature Siri Shortcuts.

Now if you are among those who are using iOS devices and browsers Microsoft Edge Microsoft company, you may be interested to know that Microsoft has announced that their browser will support it now by Siri Shortcuts. However, take into account that this support will be available to all users now, and it is currently available only for you a demo version of the browser Microsoft Edge, but it should be available to everyone in the end.

And for those who have not heard about the feature Siri Shortcuts before, they are somehow similar to feature Routines in the digital assistant Google Assistant where users can set up multiple actions and assembled in the warden one. If you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, it is because Siri Shortcuts that rely mainly a new version of the Workflow is an automation application which held IT company Apple in the year 2017.

However, there is currently no information about when support will be Siri Shortcuts to the browser Microsoft Edge available to all users of iOS, but we will continue watching the situation to determine the location immediately after the occurrence. Will the beta version of the browser Microsoft Edge platform iOS other changes will be released along with support for Siri Shortcuts.



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