Browser Google Chrome reduces the size of the links when you share it

The latest version of the browser Google Chrome Flash 64 just started in cleaning the links when you share it. So now if you try to share a link, you won’t see that long string of letters and symbols in the link, will just watch the basic salary. Turn this feature now automatically when you share links in Google Chrome on Android, either through the share menu or by copying the link and paste it in another place. Although it cuts off the excess part of the rest, however, this does not affect the referral information. While this feature is useful, except that they contain negative side. Where the Cancel marks the fulcrum that will bring the user to a specific part within the article is long, so I will redirect the user to the beginning of the page always. This is only one of the many features that come with Google Chrome 64. Recently introduced filters automatic ads bad and unwanted that violate the standards of announcements Google, and the ability to mute sites the entire video playback automatically. Source: Android Police

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