Browser Brava will pay you to surf the internet

It is known that the browser Brava prevents websites from tracking your activities on the internet and to display ads based on your interests. With that, the browser Now program, allows users to select Watch certain ads while browsing the internet, in exchange for material.

The ads, which will give its browser not ads websites, regular show King, will appear in ads browser kicks on the desktop, which I personally think she’s annoying, while the company says it will support the user 70% of the revenue from these ads will encourage users through the digital currency own BAT.

With that, I think that this deal is a little better than the sites that track your activity to show you ads you’re not ready to the end, and will browser Brave the processing of ads within the browser itself, and will not send to sites and servers any personal data about you when you interact with ads that know you while browsing the internet.

Source: Brave

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