Browse Hot Wheels Infinite Loop. One of the best races of the year

While the world develops Apple Arcade, outside it also leaves many interesting and free games. Recently, we talked about Call of Duty: Mobile. By the way, it has already downloaded 100 million people. Today we will talk about less popular games. But its logo you know. So, your attention is arcade racing game called Hot Wheels Infinite Loop.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is an interesting race toy cars with real size

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What is Hot Wheels

To start a small digression.

Hot Wheels is a brand of old American manufacturer of toys, Mattel. It was founded in 1945 in El Segundo, California. The company has many different collections of toys, including they release Barbie dolls.

Under the brand name “Hot Wheels” produced cast model toy car scale 1:64.

In a series of Hot Wheels are model cars. Surely, you’ve seen them in stores

First toy cars under this brand appeared in 1968. Many car manufacturers provide for drawings of their cars for future production models.

Although initially the toy was intended for children, they have become a popular collectible object. For collectors produced in a limited series of Hot Wheels.

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This year, Mattel has released and mobile game. She immediately got the nomination for best racing and best mobile game at the end of the exhibition Gamescope 2019.

Previously the game came out under the brand name “Hot Wheels” from Hutch Games. It was called Hot Wheels: Race Off. You can download it from the link below, the impressions will share in the Telegram chat

Set “Hot Wheels: Race Off”: link

What is interesting Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

It’s the year 2068. Humanity has reached the peak of its development — learned how to produce full-size versions of toy cars series Hot Wheels.

This imagine times square in 2068 the creators of the game

In real cities there were orange ramps and overpasses that you can ride on his “race car”.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop you have to participate in team races on the streets of new York in the future

Players in multiplayer mode to join a team and compete with each other in the coolness of the drive. There’s no finish line — the winner is the one who will keep longer lead time on the scale at the top of the screen. To replenish it you need to knock out opponents, fly on trampolines, going through “portals” and every tear on the track. This game and stands out among the other races.

The gameplay in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

At first, the player give the car Bullet Proof and offered to participate in the races between the teams in the format of “4 on 4”. This interesting feature that the player beats, not only “for himself and for Sasha”. Countrymen and opponents — real people, so it requires stable Internet connection.

During the game the gamer needs to win in the League, to be able to pump your car

Control the rate of movement occurs in two buttons — left or right. Nitroacceleration and brake on separate buttons.

At the start you receive a tachometer and an accelerator pedal. Important as a racing simulator, correct start without Peregudova and slowness

You can switch to touch controls. Then the turn will respond to taps on the edges of the screen, swipe up and down for acceleration and braking respectively. I liked the first version — I think it’s more close to the control toy car.

Management extremely simple, as it should be in toy cars

The graphics are on level with competitors. Of course, the emphasis on realism is not and cannot be. Here, because of huge toy cars ride on illuminated racks. What realism? At speed, everything looks fine. The beauty of the landscapes of London and new York, as well as detailing cars first, even a little distracting. But such a schedule and load my iPhone 8 at full speed — after 10 minutes, the tablet is noticeably warm. The collision of the “cars” fly off the wheel. What else can be projected from a toy car?

The game has tons of cars that you can customize. But from the beginning the player has only one.

The music in the game, like all the sounds evoke memories of favorite gnocco 90s. It is, of course, is recorded accurately and in headphones it sounds great. Still, the style of the soundtracks of games on 16-bit consoles recognizable.

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Purchase Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

About Donata in modern games is written already done. Hot Wheels Infitite Loop not remained aloof from this trend, of course. But the creators of this game have gone further and invented the club, “Infinite VIP”. Membership is 849 rubles a month or 7790 roubles a year. For this amount you will get access to various in-game nishtyak: additional place for the box of bonuses, tokens of the club, which accelerate the opening of these boxes are skins for cars that show who the first guy in the village, and so on.

Prices for the domestic currency in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop. Interesting machines start from 500 Kramerov

Of course, you can just buy in-game currency. But, in principle, play and have fun is completely free. There are no such obsessive requests to buy something like in the already mentioned Call of Duty: Mobile.

To see the inscription “Victory!” after arrival is not so easy as it might seem at first glance

Who should play Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Game Hot Wheels Infinite Loop I would recommend to those who are nostalgic for these toys from my childhood or collect them now. Even those who love mobile race, but tired of Asphalt, unable to get a breath of fresh air in the form of arcade, where there are almost no laws of physics.

Download Hot Wheels Infinite Loop: the link.

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