Brothers Winklevoss proposed to create a self-regulatory organization to kriptonyte

The March meeting “the Big twenty” will be held in Argentina from 19 to 20 March. The participants of the conference for the first time to discuss the topic of cryptocurrencies, Finance and cyber security. Operations cryptocurrency concern not only officials — the first Bitcoin millionaires, the brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, proposed to create a self-regulatory organization for the growing cryptocurrency industry.

Regulation of cryptocurrency market in the United States

The statement of the brothers published in the blog exchange Gemini. According to them, “the Association of virtual goods” (Virtual Commodity Association, VCA), provide control over the activities of exchanges and scriptcombine. In addition, it will be a necessary step towards development of the global market of digital currencies and to protect its members.

We are convinced that a judicious self-regulatory organization that implements a program of regulation the industry of virtual goods — the next logical step for further development of this market.

The organization will be able to join all the platform for trading cryptocurrencies, working with traders from the United States. To exist it will be the contributions of the participants. According to the twin brothers, VCA will make you healthier and will protect the market, and will also deal with fraud and manipulation by partnering with the regulators.

While in the United States brothers-billionaires are trying to regulate cryptocurrency, Russian kryptoperidinium bottom bitcoins in abandoned factories. What can I say, the markets are developing differently.

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