Britain critical of Huawei due to security problems in networks and systems that develop and respond

Challenge Britain openly about her fear of security problems, telecommunication networks developed by Huawei, Britain said that the Chinese company did not succeed in the plan to security loopholes in their networks and existing since a while, as there are new gaps have appeared and tell Huawei to it as quoted by Reuters.

And is Huawei is the most important for the development of networks of the fifth generation equipment, and is responsible for the development of networks in most European and Asian countries, but since the beginning of its problems with the United States government is facing pressure from other governments, chiefly Britain and Australia accusing them of being their network full of security holes and sometimes accused her of using it to benefit the mother country, China.

As the British government was not limited to criticism of Huawei on communications networks, but also because of their systems in various devices, especially by using its system of VxWorks , which will provide its developers update IT security in 2020 means that all users who are dealing with the devices Huawei will be at risk, which of the things that alerted the British government to the company about it last year.

In its reply to the statement of Britain, I think Huawei has the existence of some shortcomings and security problems in the network by the promised access to resolve as soon as possible, but pointed out that such a big change needs some time to be fully.

Huawei has promised to spend $ 2 billion last year to more efforts to get rid of any security problems related to their networks, they did not provide it until now apparently.

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