Brian Kelly: hardwork Bitcoin Cash triggered “criptogramas war”

Founder and CEO of cryptocurrency investment company BKCM Brian Kelly says the market is experiencing a “criptogramas war”, because the community could not come to consenus after hard forks of Bitcoin Cash. According to him, it differences caused the collapse of the stock market on Wednesday when the Bitcoin have updated the annual minimum.

The relatively low volatility of Bitcoin over the last few months disappeared. It was replaced by the peak of a thousand dollars that day, when the community discussed the then upcoming hardwork.

Usually when you update something, all agree that it was good. This time for some reason happened quite differently. All were against. Started some “cryptogamica war.” All immediately began to sell. And here’s what we came up with – the whole market is sold out.

As they say on the Platform, itself suffered coin Bitcoin Cash, losing weight at $ 100. Kelly fears that markets BTC and BCH can sink into “chaos” after that, the hard forks. His investment firm has already bought at lower levels, as the plans to benefit from short-term spikes in the market. However, he warned inexperienced capturadora about the dangerous situation on the market.

I think this is a good opportunity. Our Fund bought some scriptactive, but if you don’t understand what hardwork, it is better you this now not to get involved.

Recall, the whole cryptocurrency market is now in decline due to the collapse of the Bitcoin, as it accounts for more than 50 percent of the market. CEO of the cryptocurrency research Agency CoinShares Meltem Demirors for the transmission of CNBC saidthat the collapse can be associated with a reallocation of capital investment funds, which for some reason decided to reduce the share of scriptaction in the portfolio. More data look at cryptodata.

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