Brian Kelly: Ethereum can surpass Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now in a protracted fall, so investors should pay attention to the Ethereum. The founder of the investment firm BKCM LLC Brian Kelly believes the second capitalization of the bitcoin best investment in this year. It is reported by CNBC.

Why air is better Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency is a new industry, all the attention which is riveted to Bitcoin. While Kelly calls some factors of superiority of Ether over Bitcoin.

Remember that MySpace existed long before Facebook. The industry tends to change. Bitcoin now dominates, but this does not mean that in 10-15 years this crypto currency will be a market leader.

Kelly mentioned that the SEC has not recognized the Ethereum security. The head of Cboe Global Markets, Chris Concannon described the regulator’s decision as to the possibility of launching futures in the air. Another reason is the platform augur, ICO the longest on the market.

It is a decentralized industry forecasts. What is most interesting, augur could be the biggest decentralized application based on Ethereum.

And finally, the main reason to invest in the air – the new rules of the network and a sharp decline in the value of the node. The future of Ethereum masternode can bring huge profits during the next bullrun.

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