Brian Kelly: Bitcoin is still more popular than Beyonce

The number of search queries with the word “Bitcoin” have fallen by nearly 75 percent this year. Analyst Brian Kelly doesn’t see anything wrong with it, reports CNBC. In his opinion, crypto-currencies remain an attractive asset for investors.

Bitcoin popularity is still at altitude

The year has been difficult for stock market: falling prices, the main coins is also reflected in its popularity. However, this did not prevent Bitcoin to circumvent Beyonce in terms of Google Trends. And although the singer has become a bit more popular in April during the Coachella festival, now the crypt still retains the palm.

It’s probably good that the market received a shake-up lately. Despite a sharp drop in search queries, Bitcoin is now interested in more than Beyonce.

Kelly also shared his short-term forecasts regarding the situation on the market. Recall the recent fall of Bitcoin is very much reflected in the rest of the coins.

I expect more of the sharp movement in the area of $ 6500, there should be a rebound. I do not see any strong factors that now would dramatically reverse the bearish trend.

The analyst cites the evidence of the cost of mining cryptocurrency. Drops below the $ 6000, mine Bitcoin will not be profitable. Price levels in the area may provide good fundamental support.

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