Breakthrough platform Quora theft of data about 100 million users

اختراق منصة Quora وسرقة بيانات نحو 100 مليون مستخدم

Maybe he knows the majority of users of the online platform Quora, specialized in the questions and answers in an interactive way of users, and of course this month the organization hides behind its data, tens of millions of registered users and audiences, who did not expect one day the trap of penetration, only to nearly 100 million users were exposed to the hack , according to the company.

The company said that users ‘ data was accessed by third party applications, and contains the names and passwords and e-mail addresses in addition to housing information, as well as public content and the publication on the product.

As she spoke, Quora announced the appointment of Company Law and technology to examine the causes and consequences of what happened and take the necessary actions, despite the fact that the company did not disclose the details of the occurrence it fully, they only talked about the third-party application can access data is not allowed to access them normally.

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