Breakthrough of the year: Coinbase launches a plastic card that supports cryptocurrency

One of the largest kryptomere Coinbase announced the release of its new Visa debit cards. With their help, residents of the UK will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies is as easy as regular banking cards. You can recharge the card from the account on the exchange Coinbase. The card can be used at online and physical stores, paying for purchases with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins.

Because the card is issued by payment processor Visa, it will take almost around the world. She is contactless, and to obtain cash at ATMs you can use your PIN. Every time you use Coinbase to instantly convert crypto currency to Fiat money — in this case the British pound which are then used for payment.

Along with the card the company introduced a special Coinbase Card. In it, the customers will be able to control costs and to specify the wallets from which payments will be made. Coinbase Card supports any cryptocurrency assets presented on the exchange. That is, you can now pay for food with bitcoins or buy a train ticket for the esters.

To commemorate this event, the exchange has carried out the action. The first 1,000 customers have joined the waiting sheet card for only 4.95 a pound. The native application is represented in versions for iOS and Android. Immediately after the synchronization of the application with accounts in Coinbase can be used to make purchases any scriptactive from the account. While the contactless card is sent by mail.

This is the first debit card that is directly tied to major crypto currency exchange in the UK and allows users to spend cryptocurrency. At the moment cryptocaria available only to residents of the UK, but the company promises to add support for other European countries in the near future. More data look at cryptodata.

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