Brand new allude to the fact that Huawei is interested to enter the smart TV

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4

Can be Huawei think about in entering the smart TV market if the new demand made by the company to get a brand new indication to it. In fact, I made a firm Huawei recently applied for the brand ” Huawei AI Windows “. It is reported the description of the brand that can use this name in the smart TV and LCD screens. It should be noted that previous reports have indicated that there is a possibility that the company Huawei to launch smart TV new under its sub-brand Honor.

Propose this brand to the new smart TV control under the company brand Huawei the same even if the company plans to eventually launch the smart TV, the last under the brand Honor. I’ve actually been the launch of smart TV under the name of Honor A55 4K Smart TV with a screen made by LG company in the year 2014.

There’s not much to do now other than save the brand. The report does not mention the place where the offering in which the company Huawei apply for this brand and its validity. Usually Companies Registration of trademarks and patents that do not intend to use it on the ground, they are carried through it to protect itself in case of change of plans.

Will be the launch of Huawei to meet the Intelligent Device high definition exciting step, there are already many leading companies in the industry of smart phones, which decided to launch its own series of smart TVs, the competition of local Xiaomi is one of those companies. However, it remains to be seen whether Huawei will actually do it or not.


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