Box create a message in Gmail now supports service Dropbox

مربع إنشاء الرسالة في Gmail يدعم الآن خدمة دروب بوكس

In July of the past and specifically at the conference, Google Next, the company announced the allowing the developers of external applications built support for their app directly in the box to create the message Gmail, then some of the services available to the likes of Box and Atlassian, and Egnyte, and today in the new addition, became the cloud service Dropbox “Dropbox” is available in this box and specifically from the desktop.

Where now with the addition of this shortcut, the user will be able to download a file of his in the service of Dropbox directly to Gmail and send it, in the same vein there is a trial version currently supports the Android operating system, where the most prominent characteristic of his support Gmail cards the flight schedule, so that will now be the dates and times of the next stages of the journey.

Finally the advantage of choosing Dropbox up users gradually, as the demo version on Android, you can download it with the APK from here.

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